Sammy Ngema is one of our favorite repeat customers at Maryzo.


We have designed several pieces for her in the past and so when she reached out  about an outfit to wear to her Islamic baby naming ceremony, we knew exactly what she needed.


Dressing postpartum is a limbo because it takes a while to get back to your body pre-baby whilst worrying about post baby undergarments.


The Abaya is known as a piece of modest clothing for Muslims. It is worn especially in the Middle East.

Before, they were worn as all-black Burqas, but now they’re being redesigned to meet fashion trends, as well as, needs of the customers


Being a Muslim myself, I recognized the essential need for my Muslim customers. To cater to their requirements, we decided to add a few abayas to our range of designs.


The Khadija and Fatima Abaya were designed with a double layer scuba fabric which stretches but also hides undergarment lines (perfect for a new mum). We added a beaded appliqué at the bodice and sleeves for a more elegant and luxurious  feel.

Sammy, complimented hers with a beautiful tiara and pleated chiffon head scarf.


If you want to add some latest abaya styles to your wardrobe, please check out our range on www.maryzo.com or email us for a bespoke  one - info@maryzo.com.


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